against all odds

Against all odds; how to find success.

Ever heard the phrase nothing worthwhile is ever easy? And oh how true it is! The things in life that are worthwhile, that are meaningful, take time, energy, focus, determination. And so often those things are met with challenges, difficulties, and an uphill struggle. So how do we find success against all odds? How do we keep going when everything seems stacked against us? I am very familiar with that feeling, like there’s no way through, or that you can’t see that light at the tunnel’s end. But remember, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well and that means you keep going because you know that victory at the end will make the struggle all the sweeter.

Every dream will be challenged

As I said before, nothing worthwhile is ever easy. That means we must expect to be challenged at some point in whatever endeavour we are undertaking. Often, the bigger the endeavour, the bigger the challenge. Every dream will be challenged, however, regardless of what it is. And what will we do in response? Will we give up at the first pothole in the road? Or will we persist forward towards our goal through the challenges?

What it really comes down to is how much we want it. How dogged are we in our determination to reach our goals? Success depends a lot on your attitude, experience, and skills. The rest is just what happens along the way.

You must have purpose

You will find it impossible to push through any difficulty you encounter without a clear purpose. Your purpose. Therefore you must learn what it is that drives you to do what it is you are striving to do. What is it that keeps you moving forward against all odds? This purpose will keep you focused when you face difficulties. It will help you to block out the nay-sayers, the doubts and fears and keep you fixed upon what you want to achieve.

Find that purpose.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Build strategies

In order for your purpose to be sustained and in order to find success against all odds, it is important to work with some strategies. Success isn’t guaranteed, but it is helped by a few basic strategies that can be employed.

Do what really matters

Giving up is not an option when you are doing something that really matters. It could be a hobby, a job, an exercise regime, eating better, health-related…whatever it is, it must matter to you. You will not find the willpower to succeed if you don’t care enough about what you’re striving for. If you’re ready to throw in the towel when difficulty arises, I would question whether it means as much to you as you think.

Do what you love

When we are striving for something against all odds, we will only be successful if we really love it. Most highly successful people, or people who have overcome astounding odds, have done so because they were engaged in something that brought them happiness, fulfilment, joy. Because they loved it. There is no point in doing anything and expecting great success if we are hating it every minute. What kind of life would we be living in the process?!

No matter what we are striving for, we must ensure that we are loving the process, otherwise, how will we love the result? If, for example, you are trying to eat healthier and exercise more, why would you make yourself suffer with food you can’t stand and an exercise regime that is making you unhappy? If we are to be successful we must find what we love, makes the process enjoyable and encourages us on our way to success. You’ve loved yourself enough to make the changes, you know your goal, now make sure you do things that you love to get you there. And against the odds, you’ll find success.

Do what you’re good at

In order to find success against the odds, we must utilise the gifts we have been blessed with. There’s no point in endeavouring to force a skill we simply do not have. We’ll only make more work for ourselves and exacerbate our difficulties. Identify your strengths, and outsource where you feel a shortfall. The path to success is not an easy one, so we must use best what we have naturally within us.

Find the silver lining

Just because you have followed the three previous strategies doesn’t automatically mean that success is a given. Sorry. But it doesn’t. You will find along the way that you will meet difficulties that you must surmount if you’re to reach your goal against the odds. So it’s important to look for the silver lining in any challenge. When we choose to look for the ‘good’ in any ‘bad’ situation we will alter our focus and our mindset. Our positive outlook will power us through to find solutions and empower us towards success. Often our misfortunes enlighten us to greater heights, inspire us and others to keep going and allow us to have a greater impact on the world around us than we would have if we’d never encountered a challenge.

Keep your focus

When we face challenges, and we all do, we must remember to keep our eyes firmly fixed on what we are striving towards. Our goal. If it is worthwhile and we are passionate about it, then nothing will stop us from getting there. But if we lose sight of that goal we are sure to encounter misdirection, uncertainty, drifting, and helplessness. We can always find our way back to our path should we lose our focus. But reminding ourselves of why we are striving through these challenges will keep our minds focused on our end goal.

Mindset is everything

If you’re a glass-half-empty kind of person you’re going to find it difficult when challenges arise. Being defeatist is a sure-fire way to find failure instead of success against the odds. If we are looking for excuses to fail or reasons to justify not moving forward, then we always will. We manifest what first breeds in our minds. That’s why having the right mindset is so important. When we breed positivity, determination, and a go get um’ attitude, that’s what we will find and produce. Yes, we will still encounter difficulties, but when we approach them with the right mindset, we are far more capable and empowered to find solutions against the odds.

No man (or woman) is an island

Rarely will anyone find success without the help and support of people around them. Like-minded people, supportive and encouraging people, loving people. Sometimes we need a boost of encouragement, sometimes it’s advice or guidance. We cannot hope to achieve our goals if we blindly pursue them on our own. We learn from others, find new ways of doing and thinking from others, and sometimes get a leg-up that we wouldn’t have got otherwise. As much as we’d love to lay claim to our successes as entirely our doing, realistically this is not possible. No-on gets to the top alone.

Against all odds

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

Success, in whatever we endeavour to achieve, is not always a given. Despite our best efforts and intentions we sometimes fall short of our goal. But you can be sure that along the way, against all odds stacked against you, you will succeed in life. We learn and grow from our failures much more than our triumphs. Many people who are at the height of their success went through many failures before finding the path that took them all the way to the top. So don’t give up. And remember, if at first, you don’t succeed, try again.


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