why we should appreciate the little things in life

Why we should appreciate the little things in life.

I love Spring. Hence, it’s always been a favourite season for me, not least because it is when my birthday is. It is a time of rebirth, renewal, warmer days, new life, and longer daylight hours; it is a time of hope, promise, and joy. I adore seeing the little lambs frolic in the fields and the first daffodils spring up and wave their yellow heads in the breeze. Walking under the heavy blooms of a cherry blossom tree as its petals float around you. Watching the migrating birds come back to build their nests and splash about in the birdbath. Spring is just such a time of appreciation for so many things, often little things, that if we are too busy, we will miss; miss out on the joy, laughter, smiles, hope and blessing. There are so many reasons, therefore, why we should appreciate the little things in life. But the fulfilment that these little things bring to our lives should be the very one that makes us take notice.

Slow down!

If the past two years have taught us anything it is that we need to slow down and take notice; take notice of what is important to us; of the people we love; how we spend our precious time; of being fulfilled; and ultimately, why we should appreciate the little things in life. So much was taken from so many people so quickly, that they didn’t realise what they had until it was gone. Those precious moments that were lost, those connections with people, all those things we took for granted.


The pandemic forced us to slow down, and at that moment we realised just what we were missing out on. Yes, our usual routine was gone, but we noticed just how important all those other little things were. As such, with our freedoms limited, we came to the realisation that there were much more important things in life than work, our precious routine, or keeping to prescribed methods.

It’s the little things

We realised that meeting up with family was more important to us than we realised. Going for a walk became such a precious thing; appreciating the ability to get out and feel the fresh air on our faces and do some exercise. We missed the small interactions with strangers as we feared the spread of the pandemic, yet now we appreciate them all the more. Creating some more time for ourselves to evaluate, escape, heal, and relax became a new priority as we realised just how much we had been neglecting our own well-being. Learning new skills like baking bread, painting, woodcraft, DIY, or gardening brought us endless hours of joy and accomplishment. Activities we would never have made time for before.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we should be appreciating the little things in life more and not feel so pressured to be everywhere at once. Time is fleeting; our days pass so fast! Therefore, we must make sure that we stop and appreciate those little things in life. Those things that bring us unexpected joy, brighten our day and put a spring in our step.

why we should appreciate the little things in life. spring. cherry blossom avenues.
Image by Dennis P from Pixabay
Some more examples of little things:
  • Freshly brewed tea or coffee in your favourite mug
  • Fresh flowers
  • The smell of fresh grass after it’s mown
  • Sitting outside in the warm sunshine
  • Watching the seasons change about you
  • A home-cooked meal prepared lovingly
  • Clean windows
  • A new book (and that amazing new book smell!)
  • A freshly made bed
  • A cuddle from a loved one
  • The first fruit of the season
  • A hot shower after a long day
  • A conversation with your loved ones
  • Love and attention from a pet
  • Binge-watching your favourite TV shows
  • A glass of wine at the end of the week
  • A relaxing bath to unwind and recharge

Henceforth, you will never be lost to appreciate the little things in life. And their not always about making ourselves happy. They are about gratitude, joy, love and fulfilment, even when the world feels chaotic around us.

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