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Artist ~ Author ~ Personal development coach

The red blossom tree & John Morris

Art from the Heart

The stunning artwork from one of Scotland's leading artists - John Morris.

Pets, portraits, stunning nature and so much more can be found on the website of this incredible artist.


All of your artistic needs, under one roof and the highest level of professionalism, respect, and service possible. 

The Number 1 best seller

Published in 2020, the battles we all face have gone on to inspire, motivate, and educate people from all walks of life and from around the world.


Available in audio and written formats, this book is guaranteed to help you face your life with confidence, competency, and passion. 


John takes some of the most complex battles that many around the world are facing such as: Anxiety, depression, trauma, starting over, letting go, finding their life's purpose, and understanding their place on earth, and makes it simple for readers to follow. 


John also has specifically chosen his artwork to accompany each chapter to give the reader a great association so as they will remember the lesson. 

if you are looking to change your life, get more wisdom and understanding then this book is definitely for you.  

Coaching for the creative mind

Alongside artistry and his authorship, John Morris is also a personal development coach with a difference. 


With his wide and varied experience in many areas of life: Spiritual, physical, and business  John has guided his clients from being stuck in many dead-end professions or spiritual practices and helped them to find new life and passions.


One of the many things that sets John's coaching apart from many coaches on the market is that his aim is always to get to the root of the problem and not just deal with the symptoms. 


If you feel stuck and like you're spinning your wheels John's support and respectful coaching may just be the thing that you are searching for. 

Ever wanted to learn how to paint...

But have no idea where to being?


Don't worry you're not alone.

Many people around the world, dream about creating amazing works of art or painting their own heart's desire. 


Coach John, teaches students from all walks of life how to not only paint but how to develop and cultivate the tools that build an amazing art piece. 


John's teachings are perfect for anyone. From beginner to advanced, sketcher to painter John welcomes all through his online art programs.


Outreach art is the perfect place to shop for all of your art supplies which have been specially chosen by the international artist himself.  

Watch John Each week on Youtube

Mind ~ Body and Soul.

The show, designed to help you find balance in the craziness in day to day life


Going deeper ~ Tuesday

Where John takes you a little deeper into the understanding of why we face the battles that we face and how to overcome them.


The Artist Heart ~ Friday

Visit Scotland and watch John create masterpiece after masterpiece right before your very eyes. Visually visit Scotland like you never have before. 


Art tips with John ~ Thursday 

Teaching Creative minds step by step how to build a successful art business. Learn from one of many who has found his own methods and formula to help artists and creatives to do likewise.  

Enriching lives through 
light, life and love in all his endeavors

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