Teen life coaching

Teen life coaching – Nonjudgemental guidance for struggling teens

Life is too short to struggle alone.

The battles teenagers face & how our life coaching for teens can help...


Coaching can help with

stress, motivation, self-confidence, schoolwork, substance use, body issues, relationships, and many other adolescent issues.


The struggle is real

for teens. There’s school, social media & sports. There’s friends, fam & The Future. The pressure is unrelenting! Many turn to vaping, weed, or cutting for relief.

We want to help all that we work with to understand, develop and implement ways to succeed during tough times!


Coaching that really works!

 Along with listening and laughter, we use evidence-based strategies. between us have many decades of experience and have created a system that motivates teens from start to solution. Almost like magic!

Teen life coaching - Nonjudgemental guidance for struggling teens

How life coach for teens works

0% Judgement - 100% Customisable

  1. Contact us & schedule a coaching session
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2. Meet with your coach on Zoom

Group of international happy students with books and notebooks having fun in park after studying, smiling at camera

3. Develop Strategies That take you from surviving to thriving.

Download our free PDF

5 Battles Teens Struggle With And How Parents Can Understand Them!

Why You Should Choose us!

For multiple decades the Mind Body and Soul team have worked tirelessly in a variety of industries ranging from Youth work and private tutors to life and business coaching. This knowledge from the wide variety of experiences has given them, knowledge empathy, and understanding about people and in turn made this team simply amazing in their approach to Teen life coaching - Nonjudgemental guidance for struggling teens.

John, Katie, and Loree have joined forces to combine their knowledge and expertise to help the minds of tomorrow with the issues that they face today.

Through coaching, mentoring, one on one and group sessions plus amazing courses on a wide variety of self-help topics this really is the only place to be when it comes to issues of the Mind-Body & Soul

Knowledge and understanding of clients needs
Ease of understanding from teachings
Effectiveness of stratagies from coaches
After care / customer service
Enjoyment of students participlting in coaching programmes
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