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all about finding balance in the craziness of day to day life

from John Morris

I'm here to help you find your power and strength within by teaching on the subjects that many are battling with each and every single day. For example how to understand and turn your anxiety into awesomeness—to live more deeply, and understand the root causes of each and every battle that humans are facing.

This is a conversation about self-realization, self-respect, and self-agency… and then how we extend that dignity and that kindness to each other.

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New releases

Feeling overwhelmed by exams? Wondering how to study effectively for that test? You are not alone. Studying is difficult for all of us, and we could all use some revision tips.

In today's episode of going deeper: John will be teaching on:

~Keeping calm during exams

~ How to study in a way that works best for you!

~How to prepare for exams in a simple and step-by-step method that is designed to keep you calm cool and collected.

All that an so much more on today's episode of Going deeper

What is inner engineering?| The roots vs the fruit | why working on you is vital

Self-development for teens and adults is one of the most important things that anyone can do. Working our self and making ourselves the main focus, ensured that we can serve others in a greater and more powerful way.

Inner Engineering, a course that was created by an Indian mystic, and at Mind body and soul, we take great teachings from various creeds and cultures and enable students to get to the roots of their own struggles.

In this episode of going deeper join John as he explores procrastination,

~What it is,

~How to stop procrastinating,

~How procrastination can rob you of everything, and how to change it.

Struggle to fit in?| Presenting your false self?|

Learn how to be you on today's show

New releases

On this episode John will be joined by Jersey baker, health enthusiast and mental health advocate Michelle light.

  • The will discuss all things food
  • How health and fitness saved her life
  • and how mental health can have a huge effect upon people form all walks of life.



  • Bridging the gap. On this episode of Bridging the gap, Alicia and I discuss the battles that many are facing each and every single day within the work place.
  • Discuss possible solutions for what could be done to improve the situations
  • Examine what the future may hold for many business around the world.

On this episode of going deeper join John as he explores another great teaching and aims to get to the root of the cause of overwhelm.

  • What overwhelm really is
  • How to understand and overcome overwhelm
  • The power of lists.

In one of the most highly anticiapted shows, join John and Alicia as they conclude their presentation and discussion on the topic... 'Should LGBTQI classes be taught in schools?'

In part 2 they will discuss:

  • Areas of concern
  • Transgender
  • the possible outcomes if LGBTQI education isn't provided within schools

In one of their most controversial shows, join John and Alicia as they attempt to explore and educate parents regarding the rapid changes that are occurring within secondary and primary Schools and aim to explore one question that currently is causing much division around the world... 'Should LGBTQI classes be taught in schools?'

In part 1 they will discuss:

  • The facts and figures
  • How schools and governments could have handled things better
  • Why communities are resistant to change.

Nancy Matthew joins John in the studio today as they chat about:

  • All things of the one philosophy
  • Her own battles and struggles
  • The world of business
  • And so much more



On todays episode of bridging the gap John and Alicia tackle three of the most important topics.

  • Going for your dreams
  • The importance of taking time out
  • Emotional intelligence

Teachings on the mind

Teachings on the soul/spirit

Teachings on long term health issues

Daily inspirations

Teachings on the body

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